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About The Pastors

Pastors, Prophet John and Prophetess Dr. Ernestine Lawson

Prophet John Lawson

Prophet John Lawson is a native of Charleston, South Carolina where he worshiped and served at Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church. Because of his faith in God and the discipline of the Marine Corp, John has learned and practiced being his “Brother’s Keeper.” He is a graduated of SouthEastern Business College and co-owned Lawson’s Auto Repair. In Mt. Carmel UMC, John received the confirmation from God that Ms. Ernestine Brown will be his wife. In 1992, the minister, Ernestine, and the singer, John, were married and humbly submitted to the service of God in the area of the Senior citizen, abuse women and homeless men. 

Upon moving to Jacksonville, Fl, Prophet John Lawson and his wife Prophetess Ernestine Lawson, served as Assistant Pastors in a ministry called, Sons of God Ministries.  They served as a Bible teacher, (Sunday school and Bible Study) and the minister of Prayer and Deliverance Ministries.  After being referred by the Pastor of Sons of God Ministries, John was to help another Pastor in the same related Faith to established Repairer of the Breach Ministries. Pastors John and Ernestine Lawson serving as armor bearers to the Apostle, Prophetess Linda and Bishop Lucious Thompson and assistant Pastor of Repairer of the Breach Ministries in Jacksonville, Florida. Prophet John Lawson served as the chief intercessor, pray warrior and the Videographer.

By the year 2000, Prophet John Lawson graduated from “Word Bible College” in Jacksonville, Florida, under the Founder and President, Apostle Kimberly Daniels.  Prophet Lawson became a mighty Deliverance Minister, Prayer Warrior and Intercessor. Prophet Lawson and his wife were ordained in 2002 as Pastors/Elders, activated as Prophets of God, under the leadership of Bishop and Apostle Thompson.  Prophet Lawson is Nabi Prophet.

Hearing the Word of the Lord, Prophet John and Prophetess Ernestine Lawson launched their ministry called, “Operation Help Outreach Global Ministries Inc. in 2005. They ministered the Word of God in Nursing homes, Hospitals and in the streets. The Ministry provided food and clothing to homeless shelters. Their philanthropy funded International, and national ministries that proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They collected clothing and food to send to Haiti, Africa and various cities in America.

As a Psalmist, Prophet John Lawson who stage name is St. John Gospel was about to launched his solo singing ministry on October 22, 2011, he woke up with a severe headache on the morning of October 15, 2011. After the doctor had done a CAT scan on his brain, they informed Prophetess Ernestine Lawson that Prophet Lawson had an hemorrhagic stroke.  After going in and out of a coma, Prophet Lawson had the third surgery on his brain on the 9th day of his stay in Orange Park Hospital, in Florida.  Prophet Lawson had a blood transfusion and suffered from below the neck paralysis and kidney failure.

Prophet Lawson woke up three days after the surgery on the 14 day of being in the hospital.  Able to walk, talk and use his body without major damage, he was sent to Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital for physical therapy. It was obvious that Prophet John Lawson had lost some of his short-term memory.  Most of the songs that Prophet Lawson once knew, old and new were totally erased from his memory.  But God give him new songs Psalms 96:1

As for my wife and I, this is another Chapter in Ministry for us.  We embarked on our new Ascension Ministry and launched Greater Works Prophetic Ministry Inc. in 2016.  We believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ; Healing, Signs, Wonders and Miracles.  Our mission is to teach babes in Christ, to prophesy and minister as the Holy Spirit leads and guides us, and to operate in the full Anointed Power of God.

Prophet John Lawson is a loving husband and the father of five daughters.  He is a prolific author of eight Christian books.  Prophet Lawson written and composed several songs, 15 of which were release on two CDs.


Prophetess Ernestine Lawson


Prophetess Ernestine Brown Lawson was born in Charleston, SC. Because she needed to care for her ill parents, she attended a local college. After graduating from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, she started working as a Chemist with the Department of Defense (DoD). One day; she heard the voice of God calling her to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  By the age of 27 years old, she became certified as a Lay Minister in the United Methodist Church (UMC).  She started a women’s ministry, called the Daughters of the Light.  She ministered to battered and abused women who sought shelter in the Charleston Women Center and to the elderly in the nursing homes in Charleston, South Carolina. 

After working at the Charleston Naval Shipyard (DoD)for 12 years, she started to go to UMC Seminary. Then, the military base where she worked, announced that it was closing.  At this point, she had to choose to go into the seminary or move to a new military base. Her husband had a dream for them to help a Pastor in Jacksonville, Florida where the military base was located. They choose to accept the job at the military base in Jacksonville, Florida. This choice led Ernestine into her ministry destiny.

Upon moving to Jacksonville, Florida, Prophetess Lawson and her husband, John Lawson, served as Assistant Pastors in a ministry called, Sons of God Ministries. She served as a Bible teacher, (Sunday school and Bible Study) and Deliverance Minister.  Her faith to believe in the Supernatural healing and deliverance power of God, was very evident. With the Gift of Helps on their lives, their Pastor offered them a chance to help another ministry called “Repairer of the Breach Ministries” under the leadership of Prophetess Linda Lathers.  Serving in a prophetic ministry, Prophetess Lawson’s gifts of seeing and hearing in the spirit opened fully and took her to another realm in the prophetic. She served as the Armor bearer and spiritual warrior intercessor to Apostle Linda Lathers-Thompson.  Prophet John and Prophetess Lawson were ordained as Elders and activated to flow in their prophetic office.  During this period of ministry, Prophetess Ernestine Lawson received her Master and Doctorate in Ministerial Counseling degree from Truth Bible College in Jacksonville, Fl.

Under the Ministry of Helps, Prophetess Ernestine Lawson and her husband started Operation Help Outreach Global Ministries.  The focused of this ministry was to help the less the poor and fortunate. They ministered the Word of God and evangelized in Nursing homes, Hospitals and in the streets of Jacksonville Fl.  Their philanthropy, funded International, and national ministries that proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. As evangelistic believers, they began to travel, preach and teach at various conferences and healing crusades. After a brief period of sickness that attacked their bodies, and witnessing the Awesome healing and miraculous power of God, they became Founders and Pastors of Greater Works Prophetic Ministries 2016.

Prophetess Ernestine Lawson is gifted by God to lay hands on the sick, cast out demons and prophetically stand proxy to intercede on behalf of others.  Prophetess Lawson is a wife and mother of five daughters; but most of all, she is a mighty woman of God.  She believes in the finished work of Jesus Christ; and God’s ability to manifest Healing, Signs, Wonders and Miracles. In March 2020, Dr. Ernestine Lawson was led to launch Destiny for Greatness (D4G) STEM Tutorial, mentorship and Christian counseling program.

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