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Our Mission & Vision



Greater Works Prophetic Ministries (GWPM) is devoted to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the sharing of the teachings of Jesus Christ, the expounding of sound biblical doctrine, the study and application of God's Word, continuous prayer, and through community and global outreach.

We care for the homeless, less fortunate, single parent, elderly, and children in our community through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity, and instill self-sufficiency … as an expression of the love of God.


Greater Works Prophetic Ministries will be America's most effective caregiver to poor and homeless people.

· Our kingdom mission will be known for their compassion and innovation in helping struggling families and individuals achieve their highest potential for self-sufficiency.
· Our approach to involving citizens in understanding and caring for their disadvantaged neighbors will serve as a replicable model.

· Our caregiving will be supported by an exemplary staff, high-quality facilities, dedicated volunteers, donors, and collaborative partners.
· Above all, our witness will be to the power of love in healing broken lives and building healthy, caring communities.

As a result of the mission and vision of Greater Works Prophetic Ministries Inc., several subsidiaries have been created to provide non-profit service 

1. SEMPER FI ministries
2. Store House Ministries
3. Destined for Greatness (D4G) Center (STEM, counseling and mentorship) 
4. St John Gospel (National Recording Artist)


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